23-24 Feb. 2019 Gdańsk


ESP Academy

During this year's ESP trade fair in Krakow, participants gained a wealth of knowledge from more than 20 known and experienced people from the industry in topics such as body shaping, supplementation, stage presentation, genetics and many more.

Based on your opinions and expectations expressed in the surveys, we take with us an improved formula for the whole event and at the beginning of next year under ESP Sport & Zdrowie we invite you to the 2nd edition of the conference on which we give you the opportunity to broaden your knowledge in the field of nutrition, training , supplementation and ... rehabilitation!

During our events we observe a growing interest in rehabilitation among both amateurs and professional players, which is why we decided to devote this issue to a separate thematic block during which you will get answers to difficult questions and you will have the opportunity to take part in special workshops.
To fully satisfy your expectations, we are also going one step further ...

In addition to the rehabilitation itself, you will be able to gain knowledge in the field of physiotherapy, which is an inseparable element of any sport, including strength or body sports, which will be a complete novelty on ESP and an opportunity to become familiar with the products of this industry.

Keep up with ESP website and our fanpage - the announcement of the first speakers soon!